Accommodation charge

Reiwa Hotaru (Separate Annex) 2 meals per night with your own hot spring

12 tatami mat + indoor rim side + 8 tatami Japanese style twin semi-double bedroom + indoor rim side
2 Western-style toilets and 2 washrooms

   Weekday   Weekend and
a day before a holiday

1 night 2 meals, ryokan course (suzume) 16 tatami mat room with 2 meals per night

   Weekday   Weekend and
a day before a holiday

※ Check-in from 15:00 to 18:00, check-out 10:00
※ Year-end and New Year holidays and Bon Festival periods differ from the above rates. Please contact us for more information.

Child (elementary school student)

Bedding and 2 meals 70%

Child (infant and toddler)

Bedding and 2 meals 50%
Only bedding, no meals 30%
No bedding, 2 meals only 30%
No need for bedding and meals 10%

Cancellation policy

On the day, the previous day, no prior notice 100%
5 days before 80%
7 days before 50%
10 days before 30%
14 days before 10%

There is seasonal food.

We offer homemade creative dishes mainly using fresh seasonal ingredients from Bungo (Oita).

Furthermore, the meal content has been upgraded. Please take this opportunity.

Reservations / Inquiries