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Small Geological Museum of Yunohana [prehistoric times in Oita] Renewal open

Usually people are moved by cute birds and beautiful flowers that they see directly.
When these animals and plants never existed yet on the earth long ago (4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth). Nature has repeatedly changed underground and on the ground. And we were born 4 million years ago as a human being.

“How are Kuju mountain range formed?” “What kind of creatures were there at that time?” The reason why hot springs have been called “medical hot springs” or “medical baths” for a long time? and what kind of stones make up hot spring ingredients?”. When the heat source and fumarole of the underground have passed through many years, until the hot spring springs out on the ground, Showa or Meiji, or older rainwater merges with the hot water of the underground to produce a variety of mineral components. When we had an imagination about what was included, we feel an ancient romance.

Through this small Geological Museum of Yunohana [prehistoric times in Oita], we would be pleased if you can feel directly the part of us being alive in the warmth and heartbeat of the earth (geology).
We have reopened the “Small Geological Museum” in Nagayu Onsen, Oita Prefecture, with the help of local geological researcher Yukihisa Kudo and Akihiro Kano at the University of Tokyo and many other people.

The main exhibits are the “Kuju mountaintop summit stone” that form the Nagayu hot spring, “Travertines from all over the country”, “Ammonite”, “Ore from the old mine”, and the oldest fossil “Stromatolite (Iran)”, “Amber” from Miyagi prefecture, “Cappadocia”, “The Royal Valley Stone”, “Pyramid Stone”, “Sahara Desert Sand”, etc. We have a large number of rare specimens and geological research materials from around the world.
Perfect for children’s study during summer holiday.

3538-2, Naoirimachi Nagayu, Taketa-City, Oita-Prefecture
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Nagayu Onsen Satonoyu Ryokan Inn

※ Free entry
※ 10am to 4pm(irregular holidays)
※ We have a cafe “Geological Museum”