Spring water coffee Masai’s wind

Taste of 90 years dedicated to roasting

Masai’s wind is a coffee that is finished with 8 kinds of blends based on rare beans cultivated in altitudes above 1800 m in Kenya.

In keeping with the ingredients, roasting location, roasting method, and preservation of the beans, we achieved a wide and deep taste with an exquisite blend.

Please enjoy the authentic coffee of the third generation of roasting craftsmen have 90 years of coffee.

Masai’s wind  550yen NewYork cheese cake 480yen
Masai’s wind iced coffee 550yen Chef’s choice cake 380yen
Highly selected coffee 400yen
(Quality taste, Ethiopian)
Cake set
(Deep taste, Indonesia)
Masai’s wind & NewYork cheese cake  1,000yen
100% unroasted beans, spring water Highly selected coffee(mocha) & Chef’s choice cake 750yen

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10:00am to 3:00pm (last order 14:30)